Jakarta Attractions for Those Who Love to Visit Historical Places

Many people love to get into the historical buildings and monuments because there is something interesting about visiting those places. If you are also one of those people who think that visiting the historical monuments or buildings is something attractive, you might want to simply try some of these Jakarta attractions that can surely give you that interesting something. As an addition to that, these historical spots have been considered as the best traveling spots that many people visit in the weekend, especially the people of Jakarta. If you are interested, here are some of those buildings and monuments that you can visit while you are in Jakarta.

  • The first one is Monas. The name comes from the National Monument since this monument was built as one symbol of the independency of this country. Indonesia gained its independence in 1945, but this monument was built in 1975. Even though that takes a considerably long time, the first president of Indonesia finally finished this project as the main symbol if Indonesian independency. As an addition to that, this monument is becoming one major tourism attraction that you can find in Jakarta. That is because you will not need to spend any penny to go inside the area of Monas, unless you want to buy some snacks and meals from the stalls around the area. As an addition to that, going to the top on the observatory is one of the best things that you should not miss if you are visiting Monas. This spot has the best views in Jakarta that made Monas as one of the best Jakarta attractions that you need to visit.
  • The second one is Kota Tua, the Old Town. You need to firstly know that Indonesia was invaded by the Netherlands for about 350 years before Indonesia finally can gain its independency. During that time, the area of Kota Tua is used as the centre of their government. That is one reason why there are a lot of old buildings on this place. On this place, there is also a museum called Fatahilah Museum that has a lot of nice collections about Indonesian Independence. If you think that Kota Tua offers you the old buildings, you are wrong. That is because Kota Tua has been turned into one major tourism attraction that you can find in Jakarta. That is because there are so many local food stalls, the souvenir shops, and many other things that you can find in Kota Tua.


Those are some nice buildings and monuments that you can visit if you are in Jakarta. For your information, there are still some other nice Jakarta attractions that you can visit if you are in Jakarta. Some of them are the Istiqlal Mosque and Jakarta Cathedral that stand next to each other, the PasarBaru, and also the SundaKelapa Port. All of those spots have their own unique things that you will love to have. Therefore, you might want to try visiting those places in Jakarta.

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