Labuhan Bajo the Traditional Village and Also the Gate To The Komodo Island

Labuhan Bajo is one of the village at Manggarai prefecture at the Province of East Nusa Tenggara, Indonesia. Ethnically, this village is dominated by the Sumbawa cultural whom nearly all of them function as farmer, and the most important origin of the village is coffee, hazelnut, cacao, and coconut. Many villagers depend on their lives to be the farmer of their village because the coffee farmer, coconut farmer, or hazelnut farmer.

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In addition to that nature wealth that had by Labuan Bajo, Labuan Bajo also has a number of other intriguing attractions to be visited in Labuan Bajo. In this opportunity, this article will lead you to find the intriguing stage of Labuan Bajo city. From the historic narrative, Labuan Bajo – the territory of the Portuguese from the fourteenth to 15th century. Since in the past, the islands come by the Portuguese was the East Nusa Tenggara that comprised Labuan Bajo. Suddenly Labuan Bajo was the primary transaction region from the Portuguese since there was a sanctuary and East Nusa Tenggara was the first island which Portuguese arrived, and Labuan Bajo had several nature wealth like coconut and coffee which was famous due to the quality.

Till the arrival of the Dutch colony the natural wealth of Labuan Bajo was the primary attraction to be brought home. From a touristic and culture aspect, Labuan Bajo has many intriguing points, from a cultural point of view, Labuan Bajo has Sumbawa cultural that has a traditional culture as its heritage by the ancestors, like such as Bala Rea house. Bala Rea home is the neighborhood house which has exceptional architecture to be discovered, it’s the palace from the past, and ahead into the north there’s the ancestors tomb, at the west of the Bala Rea palace there’s a mosque of the kingdom named Nurul Huda Mosque, this place is intriguing to be visited once you get there.

The other attraction is of course Komodo. Komodo is an exceptional creature that’s only could be seen at East Nusa Tenggara, comprises Labuan Bajo. Komodo attraction on this island is the most famous place in Labuan Bajo. The transport in Labuan Bajo is diverse, there are road transport, water transportation and air transportation. Commonly it’s dominated by the road transport which public and private transport, besides road transport, there are airport and water in the Labuan Bajo, just 4 Km from the which is Komodo Airport that is found in Labuan Bajo, just 4 km from the city.

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