Top 6 Tourist Attractions in Yogyakarta, Indonesia

If you want to get holiday, one thing you need to do is deciding the city you want to go. Then, you should find out about the famous tourist attractions in that city which you can visit well. As well as if you want to visit Yogyakarta, Indonesia. You should know about the tourist attractions in this city well.

It offers you various tourist attractions which you can visit them. However, there are top 6 of tourist attractions in Yogyakarta, Indonesia you should not miss them in your visitation. They are:

  1. Borobudur Temple is one of the 7 seven wonders in the world. Thus, if you get here, you will see many foreign tourists come here and see the biggest Buddhist temple in this world. You also can try to visit this temple as well. Here, you will find thousands of reliefs panels also hundreds of Buddha statues which become its decoration and you will see the biggest stupa and surrounded by 72 stupas.
  2. Malioboro is a place you must while visiting this city. This place is a kind of central gathering of everything here and makes it as the round clock life which never stopped all day long. You can get many merchandise here such as household appliances, hems and gold, classic batik, unique souvenirs and also beautiful accessories. This place is perfect site for you to spend your money to buy souvenirs here because you can bargain and get affordable price as you hope.
  3. Prambanan Temple is one of the most famous temples in this city after Borobudur Temple. It is a Hindu temple which is one of UNESCO World Heritage Site. It has beautiful building constructed in 10th century during the Rakai Balitung and Rakai Pakitan reigns. It has many photo spots you can take and don’t forget to capture as much as you can while visiting this temple.
  4. Parangtritis Beach is the most beautiful beaches in this city with the strong winds and rolling waves which can make it as the famous beaches. You can try the sport here such as hang gliding, paragliding, and also rock climbing.
  5. Kaliurang is an enchanting natural and cultural tourism which offers you an enjoyable of recreation with your family. With the perfect view of Mount Merapi makes it perfect for you. You also can see some historical buildings which give you lessons and knowledge of Javanese in Japanese colonial.
  6. Keraton Yogya or Yogya Palace is a center of living museum about Javanese culture which is located in Special Region Yogya. This place is not only for the palace of king and his family, but also it is the main direction of Java’s cultural development. It is your best place to visit with your children.

Those are the listed of 6 tourist attractions in Yogyakarta, Indonesia which you should not miss them while visiting this city or you will regret after leaving this city. Thus, ensure you have scheduled to visit all of the places well.


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